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About us

IVAB INTERNATIONAL HUB, a pioneering unit dedicated to the internationalization and specialized strategy of biomedical products, health, and medicine. As a part of the Valencian Institute of Anti-aging and Wellbeing IVAB, a leading entity in the health and well-being sector, we are certified by the main international organizations.

Our team possesses in-depth and practical knowledge of business culture and legal processes, which is supported by an effective network.

We understand the importance of your success, and our associates work tirelessly towards our specific goal of helping manufacturers and companies penetrate and establish their brand position.

At IVAB INTERNATIONAL HUB, we offer multifunctional services that cater to your unique needs. Our expertise in the health and medicine industry allows us to provide specialized strategies that will help you achieve your goals. We are committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring that our clients receive the best possible outcomes.

Emerging Market

With 450 million inhabitants, the Middle East is positioned as a market that offers opportunities to Spanish and European aesthetic medicine and health companies. Non-tariff barriers represent, in principle, a region ruled out by many companies, however in recent years the presence of Spanish and European products in that market has grown.
One of the critical success factors is knowledge of procedures, trade rules, and tariffs.

IVAB will be your eyes and your hand right in this territory

Our Services

  1. Internationalization strategy: We work closely with companies to design and implement a tailored strategy to successfully expand their business in new markets, including market research, feasibility studies, and regulatory compliance.
  2. Business restructuring: We help companies to optimize their operations, including streamlining their supply chains, reducing costs, and improving efficiency, to ensure they remain competitive in existing markets.
  3. Market entry support: We provide comprehensive support to companies seeking to enter new markets, including identifying potential partners, distributors, and customers, and guiding them through the legal and regulatory frameworks.
  4. Regulatory compliance: We assist companies in navigating the complex regulatory environment of the healthcare and biomedical industries, ensuring that they meet all legal requirements and obtain the necessary certifications and approvals.
  5. Marketing and brand positioning: We help companies to develop effective marketing strategies to build their brand and promote their products in new and existing markets, including digital marketing, social media, and public relations.

With our extensive experience and network of partners, IVAB International Hub is uniquely positioned to help companies navigate the challenges and opportunities of international expansion in the healthcare and biomedical industries. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business goals.


What we do


At our company, we specialize in helping businesses and manufacturers turn their plans into reality. We do this by expanding their reach into new regions, creating customized strategies that cater to the unique needs of each territory, and restructuring existing operations to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Don’t fall behind the competition – let us guide you through the entire process of implementing your products. We’ll work closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your company, brand, and philosophy, so that we can select the most appropriate channels for your products in the destination country. This includes identifying the most promising representatives or distributors who can help your products gain the greatest exposure and potential.

Our team is dedicated to helping you succeed, and we pride ourselves on our expertise in identifying the most outstanding channels and product lines. With our guidance, you can rest assured that your products will be positioned for success in the global marketplace.

Your product positioned in the right channel.

We will work side by side to get to know your company, brand and philosophy in depth, with the aim of selecting the most suitable channel for the product in the destination country and therefore the most suitable representative or distributor with the greatest potential and projection.

Do you want to incorporate your brand into the Pharmacies Channel / Medical Channel / Hospital Channel?

We can help you comply with all the documentation to market your biomedical, health and wellness products in the main pharmacy chains, hospitals and distribution channels of medical professionals in countries of the Middle East and Latin America.

Network of prescribers abroad.

Obtain the pre-registration of medical and health professionals, We manage networks of prescribers from several countries in the Middle East and Latin America.

Internationalization services

IVAB HUB is specialized in the internationalization of health and wellness products. Among the services we provide to our clients are:

Certification Management

Product suitability

International marketing


Channel management

Destination training

Managing prewriters

Company creation

Offices in destination countries


Having a local partner is essential for internationalization.
We have a presence in the destination countries.


Calle Castellón, 22 bajo derecha, 46004 Valencia (España)